Our Company “Newtech Ventures” is an IT Consulting firm established since 2010. Newtech Ventures is solely into sales of Newtech POS Systems, QuickBooks Online System, Sage Products and setting up financial applications for small and medium size Companies. We lead prospective Clients to setting up Cloud Based financial applications using recommended third party software applications that suits the clients’ business operations. In most cases, we handle their software installation, training and implementation of the applications we deployed.  Our Software Applications are windows and Cloud Base applications.

We deploy software applications in the following sectors / areas: Hotels, Restaurants & Bar, Retail Biz, Law Firms, Night Clubs, Dry Cleaning Biz, Governments, Schools, Oil & Gas, etc. We deploy retail software applications in retail stores like: Grocery Stores, Pharmacy Stores, Book Shops, Auto Parts Shops, African Stores, and other retail stores where monitoring of inventory items is very crucial and importation. Our Cloud based Software Applications involves Software Installation, including training & Implementation.

Newtech Ventures is an affiliate Company to “Newtech Systems Ltd” and with over 25 years of combined experience in IT Industry, the firm has extensive experience also in income tax planning and preparation along with other financial services. Our firm is responsive and Clients who choose our firm rely on competent advice, fast and accurate results. We provide total financial services to individuals, small and medium size Companies and Agencies. We train our clients very well on how to use their QuickBooks Online Accounting system professionally, while we monitor their daily operations online and give them all the local support services they require from us in order to maintain the strict professional standards and procedures required to comply with the Tax, Financial & Book-Keeping guidelines and laws.

In our consultancy section, we help some of our clients who have time constraints in processing their monthly bookkeeping and staff payroll processing. We help these clients to generate their basic monthly financial reports and Paychecks – (Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly) using our online Accounting & Payroll software applications. For our Clients in the Retail Industry, we help them setup their inventory & menu items, configure their POS systems for Restaurant & Bar Operations and we link / setup multiple stores. We train our Clients’ operators / users on how to effectively and efficiently make maximum utilization of their POS Systems in order to provide better services to their own customers. Please, go to our Accounting System Bureau Services section and learn more about our services.

We design powerful websites for prospective clients, showcasing their products and services. We help our clients to generate revenues using our recommended cloud based financial applications for their daily operations. In the Services section of this website explains in details the services we render to our esteem clients. After going through our website, you need to complete our customer’s contact form in order to follow up with you on your inquiries for professional services.