We sale, market and implement Geelus Cloud Based Dry Cleaning POS Software for Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Tailoring, Shoe Repairs and Alterations, which most business love to use. You logon to Geelus website and select the payment plan that suits your business and sign in as a new customer, while we handle the Geelus configuration / customization, training and implementation of Geelus Dry Cleaning Software at your site. We are there for you during Geelus setup, configuration, training and implementation and we ensure smooth implementation and system handover.

Geelus is a point of sale, Customer Loyalty, employee management, inventory management, email and SMS marketing tool for

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Clothing Alteration & tailoring
  • Shoe Repairs
  • Embroidering

Geelus Features at a glance

Cloud based, can be access from the browser or install on any computer at no extra cost with unlimited upgrades and added features at no cost. It does not involve upfront investment or lock in contracts, no maintenance fees is involved, No data loss or damage by virus or hard disk crash, No backup is required. All data is backed up by our powerful servers around the globe, it is accessible anytime from anywhere.


You can generate mobile reports on all smart phones and tablets, it runs on your PC and MAC, it is easy to use, it handles Customer Loyalty program (similar to frequent flyer points that can be converted to currency), Customizable (add/remove/modify), Customize items/tasks/pricing, Customize receipts, Customize services, Customize charts, Customize email invoices, Customize SMS notification

Built exclusively for Dry Cleaning, Clothing Alterations, Tailoring and Sewing and Embroidery industries.

Affiliate tracking system; allowing to work as an agent for another dry cleaning or alterations business.

Time sheets system for all users allowing unlimited number of sign INS and sign outs per day.

Offer/Discount tracking system

Multi-Tax support for orders and sales

Extensive reports, Income, Orders, Outstanding orders

Offers, Work done by employees (performance report), Payments, Affiliates, Customers

Charts, Daily/Weekly/Monthly orders, Comparison chart for new/returning clients

Daily/Weekly/Monthly visited clients, Comparison chart for all the supported services (Dry Cleaning, Clothing Alterations, Tailoring and Sewing, Garment Printing and Embroidery)

Optimized for touch displays, Automated order ready SMS to clients

Automated order ready email to clients, automated email invoice to the client

Integration with the world’s most popular email marketing systems (A Weber / Mail Chimp…)

Save and print client measurements using graphical measurement system.

Track all activities in your business. (Orders / jobs done/payments/employees, customers,)

Employee roles for data access security (role based authentication)

Built-in SMS marketing (as easy as selecting your customers, type your message and send!)

Secured cash drawer

Bar code printing and scanning for orders / customers

Accept multiple payments and payment types for each order

Multiple people can process one order (each doing a part of the task)

Bulk invoicing/account receivables


Strong Pick up / Delivery management system with mobile integration – click to navigate to the destination.

Easy to use

Training is one of the critical steps before starting to use any new software application.

We have developed the magnificent unique user interface of Geelus and taken extra steps to make sure the interface is convenient to use and easy to learn for owners, managers and employees.

Ease of use, avoiding clutter and following the simplicity has always been our top priority in developing Geelus. Our professional user interface designers follow the rule of simplicity though out the entire design process.


Geelus cloud based software is designed based on the daily needs of the businesses using it. No computer or IT skill is required! We are proud of having people more than 68 years old, with no prior computer knowledge, learning and using the software every day.

Total employee training time varies between 10 minutes to half an hour per employee. Using our professionally designed help system and the training videos, you can train your employees spending not even a minute! You just send them to the help page and we will take of the rest.

However if you are an owner and need some more information or support, our help desk and friendly customer service team are here to help you immediately. You can simply send your question from within the software and receive a response within an hour of sending the question.

Geelus guarantees the shortest training time for you and your staff.

All bar code scanners are supported.

Printing laundry/dry cleaning (washable) tags

Upon placing an order, the system will automatically print a dry cleaning/laundry tag for each item. These types of tickets should be stapled to the garments for the purpose of tracking. The type of paper used is “Wet Strength Paper” to ensure durability throughout the washing and dry cleaning processes.

Printing store and client receipts

When the order is submitted, depending on your settings, receipt(s) will be automatically printed from the receipt printer. All data in the receipt is configurable. There are two types of receipts:

  • Client receipts includes your business name, address, working hours, website, email, contact details and order details.
  • Store receipts includes only the order details to minimize the amount of paper used.

Depending on the configuration, bar code is also printed at the end of each receipt.

Recommended Hardware, Peripherals & Computer Specs

We’ve put together a guide to help you understand the recommended specs for using Geelus. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a guide document with detailed specs.

Although Geelus is compatible with a wide range of devices and tablets, each type of hardware and OS has different compatibility with peripheral hardware. This includes thermal printers, scanners and cash drawers. Before you make a purchase, please carefully check the guideline below. This will help to ensure everything will work together.

Computers and Tablets

Geelus is designed to run on PC and Mac. This means it runs on most computers. However in order to communicate with peripherals like printers and cash drawer Windows operating system is required. At home you can use your Mac or PC to connect to your business but in store, you need a Windows PC.

Mobile report tool is a small software application that gives you a report on any period of time. This application runs in the browser. This means it runs on most computers, touch screens, and tablets.

Operating System Windows Mac Linux
Full Version Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
(Windows RT is not supported)
Mountain Lion.
Will also work with Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard
Not supported
(Printers,Cash Drawer, Bar-code Scanner)
Supported Not Supported Not Supported
Quick Report Supported Supported Supported
Operating System Windows iPhone, iPad or iPad mini Android
Full Version Only on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
(Windows RT is not supported)
Not Supported Not supported
(Printers, Cash Drawer, Bar-code Scanner)
Supported Not Supported Not Supported
Mobile Report Supported Supported Supported




Peripherals are things like receipt printers, cash drawers and scanners; in other words, items that you use with your computer or tablet to enhance functionality. Like with computers and tablets, Geelus has some recommendations for peripherals that will help to ensure your system works smoothly.

Touch Screen Not necessary but nice to have.
Any size or brand of touch-screen will work. Choose a model that fits your price range and environment.
Screen size of over 20 inches is recommended, however Geelus works on any size of display.To best manage the space, All in one touch computers is recommended.
Mouse and Keyboard Using a keyboard is necessary to get the most out of Geelus.  image_009
Receipt Printer Receipt printer is used to print receipt for customers and store.

Fully tested models:
• Epson: TM-T20, TM-T20II, TM-T82II , TM-T88V
• Star: TSP100

Recommended: Epson Models

Please make sure to buy a USB model with RJ connector.
The RJ connector will open the cash drawer upon payments.

Tag Printer Tag printer is used to print dry cleaning/laundry tags to be stapled to the item.

This printer is only necessary for dry cleaning or laundry businesses.

Fully tested models:
• Samsung Bixolon SRP 270C
• Samsung Bixolon SRP 275
• Samsung Bixolon SRP 275 II

Recommended: Samsung Bixolon SRP 270C Auto Cutter USB Model

Cash Drawers All the RJ11 or RJ12 cash drawers work as long as your printer has the RJ port.

Recommended: any RJ cash drawers.

Bar-code Scanners As a general rule, if you can plug a bar-code scanner into your computer, and scan a bar-code
to Notepad, it should work with Geelus, as they work like a keyboard (scanning a bar-code is the
same as typing some numbers/letters – just really quick)


Click this LINK to watch demo of Geelus. You try and fill out our contact form so that we can get in touch with you faster.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

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