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HotSoft Front Office

HotSoft Front Office is your key to making reservations, handling check-in and check-out, dealing with deposits, bills, invoices, and much more. It keeps track of your guests, their personal preferences and historical data. It also optimizes your occupancy, prints reports and presents statistics. The group functions let you reserve and allocate multiple guest rooms, conduct batch check-in/check-out, and keep all group charges in a central folio. With HotSoft everything is under your complete control.

The HotSoft 8 Standard Edition is suitable for small hotels, youth hostels and campsites. It handles reservations, customer data, finances, bed booking and campsite booking. The standard edition is for the small scale business that needs an affordable, stable and functional property management system.

HotSoft Front Office is a successful combination of years of experience, and the most innovative Windows interface amongst hotel software, making it a truly unique product. Being geared specifically towards independently owned and operated hotels and chains, we have a very good understanding of what your needs are.

Pricing and Billing

Manage private guests and corporate accounts. You can choose to bill immediately or on account. The system supports multiple folios for each reservation allowing bills to be split. It is possible to set up unlimited tariffs which can vary by: guest type, corporate account, agency, season, day of the week.

Subject to appropriate security controls, specific staff can be given authorization to override any pricing, with full traceability.

Accounts and Management Information

Using a fully integrated hotel reservation software package like HotSoft PMS allows real time management reporting. As soon as a customer pays their bill the accounting system is updated. Detailed data analysis is possible. For example, you could look at your profitability by customer, booking source, customer type, board basis etc. Fast links allow you to view and further analyze reports in Excel.

Hotel and bar management reporting gives you access to information such as number of rooms let, spend per head and per time of day, occupancy levels, room rates, duration of stay


  • HotSoft Spa & Leisure is an unparalleled system to maintain and maximize your appointments for in-house and day guests
  • HotSoft Conference is used to book, maintain and manage everything from weddings to large corporate events.
  • HotSoft Sales & Marketing turns your invaluable customer data into a powerful marketing tool.
  • HotSoft Allotment manages your allocated room nights from your travel agencies.
  • HotSoft hPOS is a cost-effective epos solution.
  • HotSoft Multi Property helps you cross sell your properties
  • HotSoft Property Owner simplifies the management of shared ownership.