HotSoft Serviator

With the help of a hand-held terminal, staff can communicate with each other and receive information directly from the system’s database, e.g. what need refilling in the hotel room and what duties need to be carried out. Details can also be registered in the system if, for example, a guest requests room service or has other service-related requests.

Serviator is a specially-designed mobile back-office system. All service staff are equipped with a hand-hand terminal (it is possible to connect the system to a palm pilot, mobile phone, etc.) Via this, your staff can communicate wirelessly with each other and with the back-office computers. That way they can determine stock status of consumer items, which rooms need cleaning, if something needs repairing and other maintenance issues in the hotel.

If a guest calls down to the lobby and requires room service, for example in the form of dinner in their room, the staff simply make a note in the system. Straight away, everyone involved knows exactly what they need to do.

The system can easily be adapted according to the hotel’s requirements. You can for example connect the system to other reservation systems (PMS system) such as our own HotSoft.

The service is easy to learn and use. Our experience has shown that service staff work both faster and more efficiently with Serviator. The staff appreciate this just as much as the guests. As Serviator simplifies the daily routines and saves a lot of time, it yields a quick return on your investment.