Newtech Primary Responsibility to Individuals, Small & Medium Size Companies

Newtech Responsible involves preparing and analyzing financial reports for individuals and companies. Audit financial reports for compliance and Review Company’s financial status to ensure there are no discrepancies.


Maintain and audit Company financial records.

Oversee budget and financial management.

Perform duties related to bookkeeping, preparation of government audits, taxes, and financial planning.

Recommend fiscally advantageous methods to save money.

Work with tax returns and analyze financial information to ensure taxes are paid on time.

Audit accounts for errors, misinformation, fraud, and overspending.

Report financial information to management.

Create and analyze budgets for Clients.

Advise management on tax ramifications of business decisions

Act as a consultant in areas such as compensation, benefits, and asset protection.

Oversee accounts payable and receivable.

Forecast revenue and analyze ledgers.

Identify and investigate variances.

Participate in strategic planning, fraud prevention, and budget development.

Filing your annual return

A limited liability company is required by the Companies Act 1993 to file an annual return with the Companies Office regardless of whether or not it is trading.

If an annual return is not filed by the due date, the company risks being removed from the register as the Registrar may be satisfied that the company has ceased to carry on business.

Note: An annual return is not a tax return, it’s simply an annual requirement for a company to provide certain details to the Companies Office.

There are many ways to approach the implementation of your new accounting system, and not surprisingly, some approaches work far better than others.