QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor


We are one of QuickBooks ProAdvisor and we implement QuickBooks Online for small and medium size businesses.  When we are contacted or engaged by prospective Clients for QuickBooks Online implementation, we study the client’s business operations and then configure QuickBooks Online to suit their business operations.

We also help Clients to select the level of QuickBooks online that matches their level of operations and financial capability to run the level of QuickBooks Online.  We organize comprehensive trainings on QuickBooks Online, configure QuickBooks Online and implement QuickBooks Online System for the Clients.

We help clients to sign up for QuickBooks Online and we help them to implement their QuickBooks Online, setting up the Company’s Chart Of Accounts, Vendors, Customers, Inventory items and setup their employees master files and we also customize standard reports for the clients.

Our Company’s CPAs & Accountants helps the Clients to file their annual returns, federal and state taxes, monthly employees’ taxes, monthly sales returns, etc.   Our Clients can run their QuickBooks Online using their Computer Desktops, tablets, Laptops and smart phones from anywhere, provided they have high speed internet connectivity.


Our Company – Newtech Ventures is one of QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, helping small and medium size companies in setting up their QuickBooks Online. We have implemented QuickBooks Online in some small and medium size companies and QuickBooks Online gives them the opportunity to monitor their daily financials transactions and they were able to know their daily income, expenses and they were able to produce their Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet, Sales Reports, Inventory Management reports and generating employees’ salaries and wages without passing through their CPAs.  The QuickBooks Online is Cloud Based and users enjoy the ability to access their financial records from anywhere, low hardware investment, low maintenance cost and easily handles bank reconciliations.

We receive phone calls from our prospective clients requesting us to come and study their operations with a view to installing and implementing QuickBooks Online to handle their daily financial transactions, and configure their QuickBooks Online to take care of their vendors, creditors, inventory and employees. Some of these Clients are very excited seeing the benefits they derive from QuickBooks Online, and they can even work from home.

In some cases, we installed QuickBooks Online for some of these Clients with numerous customers scattered all over the places and it cost their Credit Control Managers lot of money moving from one client to the other chasing debts but with the QuickBooks Online Invoicing, we were able to sign up these Clients for QuickBooks Online Invoicing and we setup the Online Invoicing System for them and their Marchant Account linked their Online Invoicing Quick Pay, So invoices are sent Online to Customers via email to make payment Online using their Credit cards to make Online payments. This saves the Credit Control Officers of the Companies the time and money moving from one place to the other chasing debts.

Please, call us on 713 552 3148 or send us an email immediately on: Sales@newtechsystemsltd.com for us to come and set up for your Company QuickBooks Online, Configuration QuickBooks Online, handle training and implementation.