HotSoft Sales & Marketing

The HotSoft Sales & Marketing module was built on the basis that the time spent on entering customer details should be harnessed and used as an invaluable marketing resource. Integrated with Microsoft Office, HotSoft helps you structure your marketing efforts in a simple and effective way.

HotSoft – Software for hotel management can be configured by each user to retain various elements of profiling data on guests and corporate customers. Marketing campaigns can then be quickly constructed against these profiles. For example, you may want to create a mailshot to all guests who purchased a bottle of Champaign and invite them to a wine tasting evening, or send guests who stayed in one of your hotels between certain dates an invitation to book a room for the same time the following year. Mailing lists can be built up and information sent by fax and email.

HotSoft Interfaces

You can also, in addition to the add-on modules, build upon the system with links to completely different systems, such as:

  • Restaurant & Bar systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Credit card systems
  • Finance systems
  • Our own energy-saving EM System
  • Our own Serviator mobile back-office system
  • Pay TV
  • Key card
  • SMS – sends a reservation confirmation by SMS to your guests

Internet reservations – online reservations in real time over the Internet



HotSoft Web Engine

HotSoft Web Engine is a scalable solution where you simply connect your own web site to HotSoft in order to receive reservations in real time. As an option you can also open up additional web booking channels. Our CRS based web engine is geared towards smaller chains, and with the additional CRS professional, call centres and central booking offices are also catered


HotSoft Serviator



With the help of a hand-held terminal, staff can communicate with each other and receive information directly from the system’s database, e.g. what need refilling in the hotel room and what duties need to be carried out. Details can also be registered in the system if, for example, a guest requests room service or has other service-related requests.

Serviator is a specially-designed mobile back-office system. All service staff are equipped with a hand-hand terminal (it is possible to connect the system to a palm pilot, mobile phone, etc.) Via this, your staff can communicate wirelessly with each other and with the back-office computers. That way they can determine stock status of consumer items, which rooms need cleaning, if something needs repairing and other maintenance issues in the hotel.

If a guest calls down to the lobby and requires room service, for example in the form of dinner in their room, the staff simply make a note in the system. Straight away, everyone involved knows exactly what they need to do.




The system can easily be adapted according the hotel’s requirements. You can for example connect the system to other reservation systems (PMS system) such as our own HotSoft.

The service is easy to learn and use. Our experience has shown that service staff work both faster and more efficiently with Serviator. The staff appreciate this just as much as the guests. As Serviator simplifies the daily routines and saves a lot of time, it yields a quick return on your investment.


HotSoft Mobile


The HotSoft Hotel Management System includes the unique eXMI (executive mobile information) solution. HotSoft eXMI gives you continuously updated key figures and revenue information direct to your WAP phone. Real time management information is only a phone call away!



Receive up to date management information on your telephone display. You have an option to choose from the eXMI menu what kind of information you would like to display. On the menu you will be able to see present, daily, monthly information. Following information is available today:

  • Sold number of rooms per room type
  • Sold number of beds
  • Number of in house guests
  • In house conference
  • Number of bookings made today
  • Total Revenue
  • Revenue per business area
  • Average price excl. vat and breakfast
  • Daily occupancy for 26 weeks ahead


Your sales staff on the field will be able to access rooms’ capacity on a daily basis. They will also be able to access free conference capacity and room occupancy for the following 26 weeks. Together with your customer your sales staff will be able to give the latest update in room capacity and at the same time plan future booking and events. eXMI is simply a tool to close the deal.





HotSoft eXMI is an additional service that HotSoft will provide you with. To be able to use HotSoft eXMI it is necessary that you are a user of HotSoft Front Office system. HotSoft eXMI will automatically transfer real time management information via Internet at fixed intervals (ex every five minutes) to our eXMI server. By using your WAP phone you have to call the WAP address given by us and you will be connected within a couple of seconds.



To receive information about your hotel you have to log in with a unique password and username. An additional eXMI service is that you can receive all the information in HTML format to your e-mail address




HotSoft Palm is a new HotSoft add on software. With HotSoft Palm you are able to take information with you in a mobile hand-held device. HotSoft Palm seamlessly extends your HotSoft Room Rack by giving your staff the freedom to address important hotel information without being tied to their desks


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