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High security Door Key card hotel lock with new design

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Homeowners nowadays are interested in home security more than ever, and people who want to protect their families and homes are looking to buy high-security locks along with other security features. While a magnetic card lock system might be something a commercial locksmith would recommend for a business such as a hotel, a residential locksmith will probably recommend something else. Here’s why.

First of all, it might be best to explain what a magnetic card lock system is. Basically, it is a door lock that is operated by inserting a driver’s license-type card with a magnetic strip into a sensor in the door. When the magnetic card is inserted or quickly inserted then removed, the lock is opened. This system is very popular in hotels; a large number of card keys can be reprogrammed quickly, and a log of lock opening activity can be kept. However, with many magnetic card lock systems, if the power goes out, the doors’ locks may release, leaving room occupants vulnerable to thieves or criminals. Some hotels foresee this and have systems in place that will keep the doors locked in the event of a power outage.

For this reason, a residential locksmith might not recommend a magnetic card lock system. First of all, if you’re a person who’s likely to lose a key, you’re likely to lose a key card as well, so you’re better off with a lock that doesn’t use any type of key.

In a residential setting, what will probably work best is a magnetic keyed lock; this will provide a high level of security because this type of lock is impossible to pick and new keys cannot be cut with traditional key cutting tools.

Another type of lock that will work better in a residential setting is an electromagnetic lock which is operated by a code punched into a keypad. For the sake of safety, electromagnetic locks, when installed in a home, should also be key-operable; if the power goes out in an emergency, you want to be able to open the lock in order to escape or lock the door to prevent intruders from coming in.


Automated Card Locks are Key to Convenience and Security at Bracken Library


The University Libraries, known for utilizing technology to improve its programs and services, recently installed additional card-swipe locks in Bracken Library. This brings the number of card-swipe systems to six.

“The card-swipe locks help us to improve security and are cost efficient,” said Arthur W. Hafner, dean of University Libraries. “They reduce or eliminate much of the record keeping involved with issuing replacement keys, eliminate the cost involved with re-keying whole areas when keys are lost or stolen, and they simplify the record keeping necessary to track who has access to areas.”

Personnel use their Ball State University identification card to pass through the doors. The ID card is the same that is used to check out informational materials, receive discounts at the bookstore, and do business at the Ball State credit union.

During normal hours of Bracken Library operation, many of the doors that use the card-swipe locks remain open for students, faculty, and staff.

The card-swipe locks are manufactured by Best Access Solutions, Inc. Over the next few years, plans are to extend the use of keyless locks throughout the University Libraries.

Commercial Security

Many businesses require commercial security. Whether you are a small business requiring an entry door lock, a pharmacy requiring a coded lock or a larger organization demanding a single key solution to your many lock needs, Principal Security is here to help.

Our Commercial locksmith services include:




Card Issuance Software



Components Of Key Card Locks

  • Authorized hotel staff can only enter the card issuance system by use of a password.
  • The encoders are specially designed so that other encoders cannot read or copy the hotel’s cards.


PC-747 Card Encoder

  • Special designed that other encoders cannot read or copy.
  • Proximity card encoder/ reader
  • The encoder is specially designed so that other encoders cannot read or copy the hotel’s cards.


PT-10 Infrared Terminal

  • Programs the room number in the locks memory.
  • Records from the lock’s internal clock.
  • Records from the lock’s memory comprehensive data of the last 600 entry events of 60 locks.
  • Downloaded data includes: type of card used, card number, entry time and date, and card issuing staff’s number.
  • The infrared Terminal could be connected to PC.

 Battery Powered Lock

  • PH-602 lock uses four AA alkaline batteries.
  • Door can be opened approximately 10,000 times before a battery change is needed.
  • When a maid card key will not open a hotel room, this indicates the lock’s batteries are low. Maintenance will be alerted to change the batteries. However the guest card key will continue to open the door.

Electronic override

An emergency card key, under the manager’s control, will override a double-locked door in the event of an emergency.


Card Key Usage

 Guest Card

  • Allows room access.
  • Activates room electricity when inserted in the room’s energy saving device.
  • Allows access to the hotel’s public facilities.
  • Permits guests to charge purchases at the hotel’s restaurants, snack bars, pubs, and retail shops.
  • Allows parking garage access.
  • Allows VIP elevator use.
  • Allows a prompt guest checkout by compiling a comprehensive hotel bill quickly.


Emergency card

Allows room access even if the room is double-locked.

This card is always under the strict control of the manager or his representative.

 Master card

Allows access to all rooms not double-locked.

 Maid card

Allows access to specific rooms during a work shift.


On-line card

Allows the hand held infrared terminal to program room locks and read out comprehensive data of the last 100 entry events.