Surveillance camera with CCD lenses are the surveillance camera the most widely used in video surveillance around the world. These cameras comes in different shapes such as domes, bullets, with or without Infra-Red features. You can choose a security surveillance camera for outdoor or indoor. We offer CCD surveillance cameras that start at very low cost. You own a business, increase your revenues, protect yourself from shoplifting, and reduce loss of time from your employees that you pay per hour. All these are possible with remote monitoring system.

According to recent studies on the losses of Canadian businesses operating in retail trade, the highest percentage of theft and loss is related to their employees. A surveillance camera can be connected to one of our DVR system or on a computer with one of our digital surveillance integrated card. Our systems allow you to view remotely via Web or even your smartphone such as BlackBerry, iPhone and others. Choose your CCD camera according to the resolution you want, either 420TVL, 480TVL, 540TVL 600TVL and 700TVL.

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D-Link DCS-934L Day/Night WiFi Surveillance Cameras with Remote Viewing

Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or just out for a few errands, these D-Link surveillance cameras let you keep an eye on things at home with the tap of your smartphone screen.

See Everything, Even Far Away or Late at Night

Need to get a better glimpse of a back window? The cameras’ 4x digital zoom lets you hone in on faraway objects by pinching and expanding the app’s surveillance image. Did something go bump in the night? Infrared LEDs let you see things up to 15 feet away, even in pitch darkness.

Convenient Access Anywhere

The cameras easily connect to your home WiFi network to begin broadcasting video over the Internet. Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, plus a handy web interface, let you view the scene as easily as checking your email.


Instant Notifications

Just because the camera footage is easy to view doesn’t mean you have to watch it constantly. With mobile push notifications and email alerts, you’ll know the minute motion is detected. The mobile app even lets you save snapshots and video clips, so you can provide burglary evidence to the police or embarrassing dance-routine evidence to family members.


Model number: DCS-934L

Compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows devices

Delivers clear video for remote viewing via the mobile app or website

Built-in infrared LEDs discreetly illuminate up to 15ft. away, even in pitch darkness

Integrated motion-sensing technology

Receive push notifications or emails when motion is detected.


Hidden Spy Camera watching this environment


Installation Of surveillance Cameras:

We install Spy Cameras based on areas of interest in the hotel, office or company where they have their valuable goods or items.  We normally do site inspection to determine the positions of the cameras and to make sure all interested areas are watched with the cameras and to determine the security post for the DVR and TV Screen installation.






Security Cameras.

We carry a complete line of indoor and outdoor cameras for all applications. IP, night vision, infra-red and low light specialty cameras. We have lens in all types and sizes. We have temporary and wireless systems – ideal for construction sites and other applications.